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In business, Time is Money. For every hour of effort that doesn't result in an expected result is money wasted. There are three main stages of candidate ghosting, and results in repeated loops for the hiring team. For most cases, hiring happens in a straight line. As an impact of Ghosting, we see the hiring teams go into a "Loop" depending upon which stage of hiring the ghosting occurs. We have visualised the three major impact loops of ghosting as shown here.

Scheduling Loops

This is the lowest impact loop as the time a hiring team or person having spend on a particular potential candidate will be very low. However, this stage would eat up a lot of time in the hiring process. Staysigned bring on the table specific solutions to overcome this loop, such as:

  • KYC (Know Your Candidate) Request Process which will give more insight to the hiring team regarding a particular candidate
  • Schedule Own Interview feature will give the candidate the ability to schedule an interview of their own without any manual intervention.

The Scheduling Loop Visualization - Low Impact

Offer Loops

The second stage of ghosting happens mostly during the offer-signing stage. Once you have completed your standard interview process, and having done multiple levels of vetting for a candidate, the offer-letter is generated. However, many instances show that candidates don't respond in a timely manner or respond at all, leaving the hiring teams to not close the position. We understood these situations and have incorporated features into the product to give your hiring teams the necessary tools to overcome this loop, such as:

  • Concept of Provisional Offer Letter gives the candidate and the hiring team to enter into a discussion giving both parties clear understanding of whats in store, leading to less ambiguity and defined process.
  • Ring Fencing the candidate will enable the hiring team to understand if any other offers are on the table for the candidate or if the candidate signs with another company giving the hiring team to move on to other candidates without loosing time.
The Offer Loop Visualization - Medium Impact

The Onboarding Loop

This third loop is where a lot of employers identifies and experiences ghosting. Here, the impact is much more than the previous two loops combined. As any seasoned recruiter or hiring team, you are aware of all the effort needed from job announcement to offer-letter signing. The loss incurred by the company due to a candidate not joining on the scheduled joining date after weeks of waiting would be huge financially as well can lead to bad reputations with clients. Staysigned has brought in specific solutions to ensure this is reduced as much as possible, through various features such as:

  • Extending the Ring Fencing feature till the onboarding date once the candidate has signed the offer letter.
  • Ensuring the signed candidates have a positive and optimum pre-onboarding engagement options.
  • Notifications through StaySigned dashboard to intimate in case the candidate accepts another offer
The Onboarding Loop Visualization - High Impact

How to address Candidate Ghosting?

Our research and development have identified few critical areas, which if improved or rectified, could reduce candidate ghosting drastically. Over the last year, we have packaged these solutions into a seemingly integrated software solution which can be used by HR Professionals, Startup Founders and Professional Recruiters alike.

Showcase your Employer Brand

Today, the job-seeker has more privileges and power in a hiring relationship. This status-quo goes more in the favor of the job-seeker, if the position being filled is for a specific skill-set like programming, business analytics, UI Design, etc. The candidate is more aware of a company's brand and its impact on his/her's career graph. Letting your future-hires know more about your culture, works environment, brand messaging etc can help to ensure that ghosting can be avoided or reduced.

Secure the Offer-Letter

More than 40% employers say that candidates ghost after signing an offer-letter. Everyone cribs about it. But very few people have the resources of brand-power to take action. StaySigned, through its technology solutions, bring various methods to bring value to your offer-letter beyond just another "I Confirm" Email.

Improve Candidate Engagement

Are you engaging your potential hires once the offer-letter process is completed? If not, that could be one of the leading problem of candidate ghosting. A good post-offer engagement with your future employees will go a long way in reducing candidate ghosting during the joining day. These could include offer, vouchers, special content for understanding the company etc.

StaySigned works with Startups and SMEs to solve one major concern in the hiring segment - candidate ghosting. We are on a mission to solve candidate ghosting for employers through a non-punitive and positively engaged solution that can benefit both the job-seekers and job-givers alike.

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